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Action: Courtesy Michele Chiroli/ Quadrophoto.com

PLB Pacific Longboarder MAGAZINE V.15#5 2012
It may be a little known fact that Italy has good waves for surfing, as Italy is a "baby" of a nation
when it comes to surfing. In fact we have only really been involved in surfing since the beginning
of the 80's. But the growth has been very fast and only really developed in the late 90's, when
people started travelling overseas to find better waves and the best conditions for surfing. There
were only thrusters at that time and very few people were involved in classic longboarding.

The newer approach to surfing probably started here a bit later than Thomas Campbell's movie
releases. The revival of longboarding is not just another nostalgic trend for us, because we totally
missed the first phase of the 60's as we basically did not know anything about surfing of the past.
Like many others, I discovered longboarding later in my surfing life, but when I did, I fell in
love with it. I am not saying that longboarding is more graceful, aesthetically pleasing and easier
than other styles of surfing, but in my opinion it is more practical and suited to the actual wave
conditions around the Mediterranean coastlines. Since these waves are basically generated by
mushy wind swells, you can catch more waves with a longboard and enjoy a relaxed surf than with
other kinds of boards.

However, all of us at SingleFin are fascinated by those classic figures of the 60's and the golden era
of beach/surf culture. It was this that led us to the idea starting a festival at the beginning of the new

About eight years ago the Festival came alive. We were attempting to evoke an atmosphere of
beach boys, tough boards and thrilling days of fun in the sun. Turning back the clock to simulate the
days of yesteryear.

The festival started first as a classic longboards contest which easily grew to a fresh and
spontaneous gathering of surfing enthusiasts and retro revivalers, step by step enriched by various
influences, nice grooves and faithful passions.

Today our goal is to bring it forward as shaping/shapers focused informal context, where people
can meet once a year, exchange experiences, feelings and knowledge. Keeping the focus on what
we love. Finally we added to the mix classic cars, sliding surfboards, fine arts, music and kustom
culture, never forgetting the original love for old style competitions from 2006, the "Walk that
Plank!" formula, truly inspired by 1965 Tom Morey invitational.

Along the way many shapers, artists and well known surfers enjoy the festival and
SingleFin "lifestyle" such as Jack McCoy, Rich Pavel, Seitaro Nakamura, Mark Occhilupo, Robin
Kegel, Chris Christenson, Dave Rastovich, Rob Lion, Jeff Mack, Casey Curtis, Matt Calvani, Bing
Copeland, Chris del Moro and so on. They were called on to participate and not simply be guests,
together with Italian shapers like Michele from Ola Surfboards or Marco from Dr.Ank Surfboards
and surfers, and this is another stone on our small path.

Each festival, year after year, we want to improve on the past one, but keeping it understated.

To those who ask me what the festival is about, I reply, "It’s a gathering of wonderful, like-minded
people, getting together, spending time together, and enjoying a great day. The event is free for
everyone, so come along and bring your surfboards!”


Remember, Longboarding is a lifestyle, even if you rip on a short board...

action pics:  MICHELE CHIROLI (quadrophoto.com)

pics: M.Mazzini/SingleFin


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